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Research initiatives at M.M Advisory

Our research services, launched in 2015, cover all areas of international education for the Indian market. We cover global international education trends; carry out in-depth market analysis for our clients; and undertake primary research projects in the Indian market including student attitudinal/behavior surveys. As part of our mandate to help educational institutions expand their market in India, we also provide market intelligence reports and market entry strategy reports.

Published Reports

Indian Secondary Schools Survey Report – 2017

The ISSS 2017 is the second edition of the top schools survey that MM Advisory Services has undertaken about the latest trends and information in the Indian international education market. Based on various parameters, we shortlisted the Top 100+ schools across India, and reached out to school principals and counselors. What they have to share shows continuing shifts in preferences in the market – just as the first edition of the survey did – suggesting a new narrative is unfolding in India today.

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Indian Students Mobility Report 2016

The second edition of Indian Students Mobility Report has been released by M.M Advisory Services. The report throws up several new trends, including the increased market dominance of US as the leading destination country. Apart from analyzing the 2015 data for top destination countries, the report also looked at long-term data trends, over the past 10 years. Data has been sourced from over 20 government data sources globally from the top destination countries, and also from the leading origin country, China.

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Indian Secondary Schools Survey Report 2015

The Indian Secondary Schools Survey 2015 presents the latest trends in international education preferences among Indian students (and their parents). The findings are based on a survey conducted in June and July earlier this year, with 102 schools identified as respondents, based on their size reputation, academic excellence, and most importantly, the propensity among their students to consider higher education options abroad.

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Indian Students Mobility Report 2015

The first-ever Indian Students Mobility Report 2015, released by M.M Advisory Services, reveals big, new trends in the international education market. The mobility report, which analyzes international student numbers globally and from within India for the past 10 years (2005-2014), is the first-ever trends analysis in this market. Data was sourced from over 20 government data sources and reports from all the top destination countries for this report.

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