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  • A globally ranked large research University

    Create awareness/build the University brand of the University and its global reputation in India leading to recruitment of top quality undergraduate international students over the long term.

  • A U15 mid-sized research University

    Identify and hire staff to set up local presence, provide training and recruit international students for undergraduate and graduate studies.

  • A Community College & member of Polytechnics Canada

    Manage the existing agency and partner network in India to boost student recruitment from India. Provide training on the College programs and processes, and build the College’s profile in a highly competitive market for vocational and professional education

  • A mid-sized Community College

    Identify, hire and train local team to manage the College’s recruitment efforts in India with an ultimate goal to increase the number of applicants from India.

  • A Large Community College & member of Polytechnics Canada

    Organise a roundtable interaction between the President and Indian educators to facilitate exchange of ideas and familiarize educators in India with the program offerings of a Community College.

  • A small Community College

    Provide Initial and Pre Departure Orientation and Invigilation for tests conducted for students enrolled in programs with the Colleges partners in India. These services were to be provided in India prior to the students enrollment in the programs at the College in Canada.

  • Provincial Government International Education Branch/Cooperative

    Design and develop a multi city itinerary for provincial government led delegation of Universities, University College and Community Colleges with the objective to promote the province as an attractive destination for International Students.

  • A Provincial International Education Council

    Organise an exclusive interaction of the Premier with the best and brightest students from one of the India’s top schools.

  • Regional Government Agency to Promote Trade

    Design and develop a interactive program to increase the profile of the Regions education offerings, particularly targeting undergraduate students in India. The program includes an inbound and outbound component with travel of educators to the specific region in Canada and India.    

  • A Membership Organization for Canadian Universities

    Liaison, coordination and logistics support services for the largest ever delegation of Canadian University Presidents to India. Including but not limited to communications with Indian institutions, government stakeholders in India and Canada, media etc

  • An Independent Research Think Tank in Canada

    Design, develop and implement a multi-city itinerary to introduce the Indian higher education system, the landscape and its priorities to a delegation of University Presidents/Vice Presidents/Provosts. Included panel discussions with Indian Government and regulatory agency stakeholders, meetings to identify research capacity in public and private domain etc.   

  • Universities and Colleges

    A unique and pioneering initiative to familiarize Indian educators with the Canadian higher education system, its unique offerings and the facilities that are available for international students from India

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